About Kat Fugate

I was raised on the iconic phrase “I want my MTV,” movies like Star Wars and Terminator, as well as musicals.  Every Friday night at my house was movie night, and even extended family would gather in the small living room of my ranch home to eat Pizza Hut, watch movies, and talk suspense. 

 My love of reading and writing didn’t spark until I was in high school, joined the newspaper staff and read Oedipus for the first time.  I’ll never forget sitting at my desk when the teacher read aloud a plot that turned and twisted into the main character, obliviously, killing his father and marrying his mother. 

After high school, I joined the Air Force and then the Air National Guard. I then pursued literature and education at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I already loved reading and writing and knew that I would love working with young adults since I coached soccer in my off time. I received my graduate degree from the Ohio Writing Project (A.K.A. my biggest writing influence).


I am now part teacher/part writer and wrote Intuitive sitting at my dining room table or after school at my teacher desk.  Some of my favorite things are: flip flops, soccer, denim, 80’s hair bands, autumn, Diet Coke, and Netflix. Things I hate are: MTV no longer plays music videos 24/7, seafood, pumping gas, cooking, and mean girls.

 I live outside of Cincinnati with my husband, two kids, and two dogs. 



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